Sebastián López was born in Rosario, Argentina, but now presently resides in Buenos Aires.
He decided early on that school was not for him and found his passion in filming and vfx.
"Ever since I was a kid I knew that making movies was what I wanted to do. it's been my life long passion, and even though I've been directing commercials for over 8 years now, I began making my own latex monsters at the age of 12, creating my first home made movies, and bought my first DV- Camera when I was 15."  Despite his young age, he has already shot numerous TV spots and music videos for the local and international market. He has directed campaigns for Motorola, Bacardi, Coca Cola, Honda and Sedal among many others.
Lopez's journey from high school dropout to TV commercials director has led him to open his own motion graphics and vfx studio under his chosen name, Ioioma. Whether it's a commercial or a personal project, he's always trying to push his own limits bringing a revolutionary vision to each project he takes on, while never failing to have fun and keep up the same enthusiasm as a kid in the process.   


Sabrina Mottino began her editing career in 2002 working on large scale tv commercials and documentaries. She has also worked on numerous music videos for some of the most creative artists working today in the vibrant Buenos Aires music scene and also for several international acts such as Colin Devlin and LA's Infected Mushroom to name a couple. She collaborated with Sebastian Lopez and Colin Devlin on the 2009 internet viral short story ''Vertical'' and also edited  Colin's  music video for  his song ''The Heart Won't be Denied'' which was nominated this year at the IMTV awards. Sabrina's work on 'The Killing Joke' highlights her ability to weave a magical story together through the power of editing.


As lead singer, guitarist and songwriter with Irish Band The Devlins, Colin Devlin has carved an impressive international career in music over the years.
With both The Devlin's four critically acclaimed albums and also his recently released successful solo record and his music being used in numerous TV and film projects (Closer, Six Feet Under, One Tree Hill, Batman Forever, to name a few). It was the next logical progression that he should move into movie soundtrack scoring. "I'm very proud of the work that Sebastian and I have done together for 'The Killing Joke' and am really excited about people seeing it. We collaborate together as a team and I think this totally comes across in the music I've created for this superb project. The visuals are made stronger by the music and vice versa".
Colin currently divides his time between LA and Dublin and continues to perform regularly alongside his film scoring projects. "We really wanted people to hear the soundtrack for 'The Killing Joke' so we hope you enjoy it".